Heating Fuel Programs

Harris Energy offers the following heating and fuel programs and discounts:

  • Prepaid Contracts – With unpredictable oil prices these days, take comfort in knowing you have a great rate locked up! Coupled with automatic delivery, it is one thing you will not have to worry about all winter long. Our prebuy contracts are open for purchase from July to September.
  • Budget Contracts – Lock in a great rate without breaking the bank! Our 10 month budget plan together with automatic delivery may be all you need to make it through a long cold winter. Our budget contracts start in July with 10 equal monthly payments running through April and deliveries of your budgeted gallons will be made through May.
  • Automatic Delivery – Let us do the work for you! We use a state-of-the-art Johnson Degree-Day Demand meter to accurately keep track of degree-days locally. This system allows our computers to accurately and efficiently plan the next delivery to your home or office. No need to keep checking your tank, our system already knows how much oil is in your tank.
  • Will-Call Delivery – Rather do the checking yourself? With our Will-Call delivery system you can call for oil as you want it delivered. We do require 24 hour notice for a will call delivery and is also subject to our daily route schedule. You can check our daily route schedule in Place An Order. Just look under Preferred Delivery Date for our schedule. We also require a minimum of 100 gallons be ordered.
  • Fuel Assistance Vendor – We participate in the New Hampshire Fuel Assistance program. For more information, please call the Tri-County CAP Office in Berlin at (800) 552-4617.
  • Senior Discounts – We offer our area seniors a $0.03 per gallon discount at time of delivery for those of you over 65 years of age.
  • Military Discounts – To lend our support to those serving our country, we are offering the families of deployed servicemen a $0.03 per gallon discount on your delivery. Thank you for all you do!
  • Commercial Rates – We offer competitive pricing to commercial customers.
  • Volume Discounts – We offer volume discounts to larger tank deliveries.
  • Gift Certificates – Available in any amount!
  • Payment Options – Checks, cash, debit and credit cards accepted. To receive the cash discount you must pay within the 5-day period.
  • Downside Protection – During either a Budget or Prepaid Plan, if the daily cash market price drops below your locked in contract price, then your Budget or Prepaid Plan price per gallon will also drop to the same level as the cash market price. Sounds good, but industry averages are that only 1 out of every 10 years will the cash market price drop below the Budget or Prepaid Plan price. Also to participate in Downside Protection Plans you will need to either pay an up-front fee or add an added premium per gallon, With oil being as expensive as it is these days who wants to pay an up-front fee or more per gallon just to protect themselves for that 1 out of every 10 year average chance?

Contact us at 603-444-2774 for information on any of our programs.