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Price List:

Prices are subject to change without notice. Read reviews from other pellet consumers at Wood Pellet Reviews.

From the desk of Carroll Lucas…

Harris Energy’s wood pellets may seem expensive when compared to big box store pricing, but what you are buying is literally NOTHING MORE THAN HEAT (BTU’s) IN A PLASTIC BAG.  For Example: Home Depot’s or Lowe’s wood pellets sell for $249.00 to $260.50 per ton for their lower quality pellets as of 02/11/21, while Harris Energy’s Vermont Wood Pellets or Wood & Sons Wood Pellets sell for $295.00 to $315.00 per ton.  Seems like quite a SAVINGS to buy from the big box stores RIGHT??  WRONG!!!  LETS SHOW YOU THE DIFFERENCE….You will need to purchase 1.3 to 1.4 tons of the big box store wood pellets to equal the BTU value in 1 ton of Harris Energy’s Vermont Wood Pellets or Wood & Sons Wood Pellets.  Buying 1.4 tons of the big box store wood pellets will cost you $348.60 while 1 ton of Harris Energy’s wood pellets will cost you between $295.00 to $315.00…SAVING you anywhere from $53.60 to $38.60 for just 1 ton, or $214.40 to $154.40 for 4 tons.  You’ll handle fewer bags of pellets, have MUCH less ash to clean from your stove AND SAVE MONEY WHILE MORE COMFORTABLY HEATING YOUR HOME.  Don’t be fooled anymore — be an informed and smart wood pellet buyer.


  • Pick-up Service (Option #1) A Harris Energy employee will help load the product into your car, truck or trailer by tractor or individual bags.
  • Delivery Charge (Option #2) Will be based on location of the delivery. A Harris Energy employee will off load product at your location with our flatbed truck and fork truck set-up. Often with this vehicle set up, we can put the pellets right in your garage, porch, shed, lien-to or right by the door you want to carry them into. (ASK THE BIG BOX STORES FOR THAT KIND OF DELIVERY SERVICE…THEIR A DRIVEWAY DROP DELIVERY AT BEST!!!)

Questions? Please call our office at 603-444-2774.